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The Most Important Thing Is To Stay True To Yourself!

by Lottesco

The Most Important Thing Is To Stay True To Yourself!

There are plenty of flirty jokes and one-liners that can make him laugh. If you need some inspiration, check out the funny dirty texts above.

Compliment him

Compliment his appearance, skills, personality, bedroom performance, you name it. As long as your compliments for him are meaningful and not forced, you know you’re doing it right. Also, don’t forget to compliment his writing skills as well (especially if he’s trying really hard to make you laugh and keep the conversation going).

Tease him

You can tease him by sending him flirty-teasing texts or photos. Most men are fans of visual teasing because, as already said, men are visual creatures. Still, if you don’t feel comfortable sending him teasing photos of yourself yet, then give it some time and wait until you’re ready to go to the next level.

Use flirty emojis

Spice things up with flirty emojis such as winking kiss, tongue-out emoji, happy devil, or angel emoji. There are lots of other flirty emojis so feel free to mix it up and play with them to your heart’s content.

Always leave him wanting more

Create anticipation and always leave him wanting more. Be playful and tease him. Make him thirsty for you and make him beg for more. That way he’ll be unable to stop thinking about you and he will want you even MORE.

So, before you send any dirty texts, first ask yourself if they resemble your personality and if you are comfortable sending them.

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself because that is the only way to turn him on, with your vibe and energy!

Your sexy text messages or pictures reflect your moods, wishes, desires, and cravings. They say a lot about what you want and how you are presenting yourself.

And that is why they are of the utmost importance when it comes to making a guy want you badly. Never change yourself just so that you fit a particular role because it will not be genuine, and it is not who you are.

When you choose one of the hottest texts to send a guy you https://hookupdate.net/escort-index/vacaville/ like, read it a few times so that you absorb the idea of it. And if you find yourself not liking it, do not send it.

Staying true to yourself will help your chemistry and connection to flourish and reach their peak. You need to feel intensely every text or picture you send because if you don’t, it will block your sexual tension.

If you’ve let him know that you’re in the mood for some dirty talk and wild sex positions, then you need to stay true to yourself. Especially if you’re going to meet up later, you don’t want him to get a different picture from what you’ve been texting beforehand.

You want to stick to the words you’re sending and be the words you’re sending. And that’s how you’ll make him want you madly, crazy, badly!

11. “I love the way you grab my hair and push me up against a couch (or something). Your dominance makes me hot.”

Teasing texts are a sure way to make your guy go crazy for you. In a way, teasing is like challenging his patience (how long he will endure not seeing you), and it works perfectly, every single time.

The truth is, guys love girls who know how to be bossy from time to time and show their wild side. If you send a guy any of the dominant sexts below, you’ll make him think about you 24/7 (or until he sees you again).

For example, if you’re not that comfy with the idea of sexting but you still want to do it, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is doing it in your style.



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