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Everyone loves the aroma, and I can still discern the tobacco beneath the casing

by Lottesco

Everyone loves the aroma, and I can still discern the tobacco beneath the casing

I’d especially recommend this one to smokers who enjoy MacBaren’s Vanilla Creme or Dunhill’s A21000, vanilla blends that share similarities with Sweet Killarney but which burn hotter and with a tendency to bite, at least for me.

UPDATE: For whatever reason — maybe I’m just not an aromatic fan at all — I ended up tosssing much of this tin after it sat around for months without being smoked. While initially pleasant, there just wasn’t enough on offer here to keep me interested.

Two point seven five out of four stars, generally speaking, but a solid three stars for aromatic fanciers

This tobacco fills easily the bowl, and usually offers dry and cool smoking. It is dry enough but the perfume of caramel which you discover basically after the 3-4 first puffs, burns your tongue enough.

Well, to start our I have been back to smoking a pipe for about a year now

If you like him after the first puff, then you will also like the rest. It has a very nice perfume in the room and finally I believe that it makes the people around, more happy than the smoker.

I envy the reviewer of this tobacco who goes with his wife to choose tobacco even if she doesn?t smoke. Happy .

Good Virginia and Burley tobaccos cased with Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur–that’s how I figure this blend. And I like it. It will burn a bit hot, so puff slowly.

This is one aromatic that I actually enjoy from Peterson. I still have not found a Peterson blend that knocks my socks off. Being Irish, that is depressing.

It is not a nice mellow Virginia cavandish smoke. It is not a nice vanilla cavandish smoke either. I don’t know what it is.

I showed it to my wife and opened the tin to give her a whiff of it (AKA the wife test). My wife instantly went, “Ewwww ” I will admit, I too was taken by surprise by the strength of the packaged tobacco, but thought it was okay.

Smoking a bowl of it, was interesting. It packed well and lit well. A few puffs and I could swear I was smoking a Milky Way candy bar or some type of caramel candy bar. It was “interesting” to say the least for a first impression. Then, after a few more puffs, I don’t know what happend, but this tobacco decided to bite, and bite BAD! Ouch. my tongue!!

I am not sure if I will smoke this tin again, or maybe try to use it as a blend. This tobacco is best described as a caramel candy bar with the bite of a rattlesnake! Be careful.

I have come to enjoy Virginia’s, VaPer’s and some Dunhill and GL Pease, English blends. So this is a new avenue for a change of pace. So far I meaningful hyperlink find it to be a bit moist out of the tin a few moments of drying seem to work better. The aroma has a very carmel like scent to it, and to date it has not bit, although I can see how it can get away from you and deliver a big hurt to your tongue. It is a pleasant smoke for a change up might try mixing it with something but not sure what yet. Looking forward to finishing the tin and possibly giving an update later on. As they say, “Smoke in Peace!”

This is something different, never had anything like it. Everybody says they taste the caramel, I didn’t it tasted more fruity to me. I must say I like it, not every day tho. I didn’t get any bite out of it which is good. My recommendation is try it you either like it or not.



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