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Collarspace website is an online dating platform for BDSM enthusiasts

by Lottesco

Collarspace website is an online dating platform for BDSM enthusiasts

  • The navigation through the website is confusing.
  • Despite the poor design, user profiles are informative, which is a big plus.

Security and privacy

Collarspace requires all users to register before they get full access to their accounts. All new accounts on the platform are manually approved by the moderators who should ensure a high-security level.

However, while registering, we didn’t need to connect our social media accounts and didn’t need a valid email address, which significantly reduces the security of the service. Something that we soon confirmed by running into scammers during casual use of the website.

While fiddling with the settings, we didn’t find a lot of privacy customization options. It means that all information entered on the profile page had to be visible to all users. At least, there is an option to make the profile invisible.

  • All new registrations have to be manually approved.
  • There is no email confirmation.
  • Users can register without social media accounts.
  • Scammers and bots are common on the website.

Hookup chance

Using the website, you can find a date who shares the same interest as you, but it won’t be easy or pleasant.

Collarspace is accessible thanks to the lack of paywalls. Being an older platform, it earned wild popularity over time. However, outdated user interface and a high number of scammers who take advantage of the free platform ruin the experience for people, trying to engage in the community and use the website as intended. Though creators tried to enforce regulation via manually-confirmed registrations, the measure failed.

In the end, because the platform is so popular, we found that it is still possible to hook up with real people, especially if you are from the US. Just expect to fight off waves of scammers along the way.

  • Thanks to the popularity of the platform, it is possible to find real dates.
  • The experience is ruined by scammers and users offering paid services.
  • US users are in most luck, as the platform is visited by over 800,000 Americans daily.

Visually looking like a dinosaur from another era, this site is not completely hopeless. Today, we review Collarspace to find out if we could satisfy our kinks there.

Collarspace website

Collarspace presents itself as a safe platform for like-minded people. The website claims that Collarspace is the largest online BDSM community in the world, with over 3,800,000 monthly visits.

We are going to evaluate Collarspace in five categories, Affordability, Audience quality, Interface, Security/privacy, and, most importantly, Hookup chance. For each section, we are going to assign a rating ranging from 1 to 5. Hookup Chance will be determined by the combination of all scores and answer the question – is it possible to find a date on this website?


Collarspace is entirely free to use. After completing the registration, we didn’t have any restricted actions on the platform and could freely view images and chat with other members.

Audience quality

Collarspace community counts over 1,600,000 members from all around the world. Though the service is more widespread in the US – 56% of users based in this country. The rest of the site’s population is evenly distributed among other continents. This ensures that most of us will have a high chance to find a physical encounter on Collarspace.

Through our testing, we found that at any given time, there are a lot of users online, and we always had many options when it came to choosing whom to write. The website features manual registration confirmation which, requires users Reveal Dating to wait up to 48 hours for their profiles to be approved. In theory, it should ensure that there are very few bots, spammers or fakes.



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