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When we first came across we’d sex perhaps 2-3 times per week that was on 5 years before

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When we first came across we’d sex perhaps 2-3 times per week that was on 5 years before

Well what might you name (cum) upcoming if spunk is not spunk it is semen what exactly is (cum) what exactly is nutting out-of the brand new terms and conditions my juices was light with an excellent little bit of obvious combined to such as constantly

I went inside together for example a couple of years in the past and you may make love nearly casual

I saved most of the my jackoff juice into the a tiny container you to go out nevertheless the smelling try thus damn crappy We threw they out I failed to keep opening it blasting off on it because of the rotten egg smelling they had within the container it simply are such as for example a spoiled egg I will not accomplish that once more I don’t know as to why I did so it but I did.

I would say if someone else have purple liquid then you should be unwell involved is white and obvious.

But particularly just how can some body feel fifteen or something and never have the ability to method of or build effortless sentences precisely

A roomie from mine i did so one too however, he left they regarding fridge anytime shortly after he sample a great brand new stream inside it.

And so i features a question now my date and i also enjoys become these are creating children but his spunk is not entirely light but it is maybe not totally clear. I was for the birth prevention to have 4 out from the 5 years i been together. I am only curious if our possibility of with children are however good? I am twenty seven and you can he or she is 24.

your chances of having a baby after many years of contraceptive are exactly the same, if you don’t greater sometimes. it could take a while to go back to normal even when. don’t be concerned about any of it, only remain looking to! good luck ??

Exactly what a load from BS ,,its more like vice versa,,males that dense light semen try pullers,and the ones which have obvious don’t as often,,

I experienced no infant once the 4 years of had Relationships…. Symen analysysis Declaration regarding mine Physical Examination ; Numbers : dos.0ml Appearance : Milky White Odour : Musty Impulse : Alkaline Duration of liquefaction : Very Increasad

Microscopic Examination : Sperum Number ;several.0 million/ml Motility ; Slow Motile Characteristics out of Motility:-== Abnormal forms :- 80% Purple blood cells : Missing Epithelial Cells NB: Absent Pus Muscle : 4-5/HPF

I’m thirteen and you can I have been future to own per year and you can my personal semen is starting to show light before it is actually clear

Hello. I’m 21 year-old. I am truly concerned with my self. I used to masturbation when i was in ,several or even in thirteen on a regular basis it is actually my error one to day We have done Therese hence time I frightened as blood showed up. However, piss is actually such as a beneficial dehydration. And i also is actually frightened whenever while all of the extremely 2 or step three month I masturbat my personal cum colour try red-colored . And therefore big date and then the latest sperm was red . Also I’m maintaining a healthy diet food . And you may yes red-colored color and watery as well as . Delight let me know ideas on how https://besthookupwebsites.net/escort/irving/ to get well.

I have been cumming while the 5 years and regarding the undertaking to provide we have not very clear and never thus white semen. when me personally and you will my gf take getting intercourse i past for one/dos time and my jizz was same each time but the amounts may vary.

Guy, a lot of people when you look at the here which can be seeking to conceive, are unable to even enchantment otherwise use right grammar. We choose i carry out iq screening for these trying feel expecting so we you should never complete the nation which have other age bracket regarding idiots

Thank jesus anybody else possess some good judgment. Schools need some really let particularly if they can not illustrate infants safely.



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